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Backyard with dog


Hello! here at Love of Puppies we are a family of 4, plus canines:) Playing with and raising dogs is one of our main hobbies here at home. We have a 5 acre property with a HUUGE back yard and pond which our dogs LOVE to play in, especially on a hot summer day! We currently have a Golden Retriever mom, a Miniature Poodle mom and a Miniature Goldendoodle mom. We breed to a miniature red Poodle dad for miniature red Goldendoodles which creates a very nice hybrid family dog. Also with our Miniature Poodle mom, purebred Miniature Poodles! Our puppies will have less shedding and generally have a  more hypoallergenic coat. They will have had a taste of our back yard and will be well socialized before leaving home.

We send all our puppies to their new home with a small bag of their current dog feed, vaccination/shot records, veterinary health certificate and 1 year health guarantee to ensure that you are receiving a quality, healthy puppy.

Any questions please feel free to contact us!

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